Building an Opt-In list Quickly, From Scratch and With No Money

Once you have given a reader some compelling reason to visit your site, then you need to capture them. “The Best way to build an opt-in list from scratch and very quickly is through a simple one-page website called a squeeze page,” says Internet Marketing Guru, Tellman Knudson.

A squeeze page, or an opt-in page, is designed to do just that – squeeze the information out of the site visitor. The only thing someone can do on a squeeze page is to enter their name and email.

Conversion rates for a squeeze page will vary but industry averages will be somewhere along these lines:

From PPC average 19% conversion
From affiliate traffic average 52% conversion
From non-specific referrals average 41% conversion

Once a marketer has a squeeze page and people have opted-in to their list then they will need an autoresponder to send emails to the people on the list on a consistent basis to continue to build rapport and keep them coming back and tuned-in for more.

From here then you can continue to drive traffic to this squeeze page and keep building the list.
All marketers need to make sure that they are not using spam techniques to drive traffic. “Spam is illegal, wrong and should never be done by any marketer,” says Tellman.

Because Internet Marketing is skill-based there are some quick, low-cost ways to learn the ways to build lists and squeeze pages.My first list by Tellman Knudson is a product we have used. It offers step-by-step instructions for building a list and in a short time our list grew and so did our sales. To learn more about low-cost solutions for building a list visit our site

By Natalie Judd

Natalie Judd is a 20-year PR & marketing veteran and is principal of Big Voice Communiations and co-founder of Internet Master Series, the central place for the greatest internet marketing minds. More at
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